Explore the React Native EU 2023 Lineup: What to Expect - Part 2.

Explore the React Native EU 2023 Lineup: What to Expect - Part 2.


If you missed Part 1, we discussed the keynote and Day 1's React Native EU agenda. In this post, we will delve into the remaining portions of the conference.

Day 2

Hermes Hacking: Demystifying JavaScript Engines - by Radek Pietruszewski

Radek will delve deeply into Hermes, exploring aspects like bytecode, the interpreter, garbage collection, and hidden classes. And how these elements fit with your React Native App.

Things to learn: Whether you have adopted Hermes as your JavaScript Engine for React Native or not, here's an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how it operates behind the scenes.

Static Hermes: The Next Generation of Hermes - by Tzvetan Mikov

Tzvetan will discuss Hermes' future, focusing on how it compiles type-annotated JavaScript into native code for better performance. He will explore a combination of new features that could potentially redefine our interaction with React Native and shift the paradigm of JavaScript engines.

Things to learn: Prepare for the upcoming advancements in Hermes and discover how to maximize its potential in future releases.

Guest speaker Q&A - Guenther Steiner

If you're a Formula 1 fan, this is the one talk you won't want to miss. Guenther is the team principal of Haas F1 Team and a popular Netflix star in the Drive to Survive documentary. At the moment, it's not clear what he would talk about, but should be something interesting!

Things to expect: You'll probably want to hear him swear. He definitely has some engineering tips to share with us.

Igniting React Native Upgrades with Flame AI - by Jamon Holmgren

In this talk, Jamon will introduce a revolutionary and free open-source AI-powered solution: Flame CLI. This tool will help you with your next React Native upgrade, turning a tiresome chore into a breeze.

Things to learn: If you've ever experienced the painful side of React Native upgrades, here's a new tool to make a significant difference. Learn how to apply it to your next upgrades.

Connecting React Native App with Garmin Smartwatch - by Małgorzata Mazurek-Biel

Małgorzata will share the journey of creating a useful Garmin app and utilizing its features with React Native.

Things to learn: Learn how to connect a smartwatch and potentially apply the methods to other devices.

How Microsoft is using React Native across a portfolio of Experiences and how you can too - by Khalef Hosany

This talk potentially swapped with the other Microsoft's talk on Day 1

Khalef will explore Microsoft's use of React Native in various applications, including updates for Windows and macOS, scaling-enabling tools, and ecosystem contributions.

Things to learn: If you plan to explore building React Native for Windows and macOS, this is a great opportunity to learn how Microsoft implements it at scale.

Lifting and Shifting the Entire React Ecosystem into New Languages - by Matt Hargett

Matt will cover transferring the React ecosystem into new languages, accelerating maturity, and revealing hidden issues by moving large codebases to a new language, VM, and type system.

Things to learn: If your company has built an internal rendering engine to replace React, you could compare your solutions to what Matt has to offer. If not, simply learn whether the new system fits your needs.

Feature-driven design – microfrontends’ best friend (on Chase UK app) - by Sandra Jurek

Sandra will share with us Chase UK's approach to feature-driven design for its micro frontend infrastructure.

Things to learn: If you are still wondering whether to adopt microfrontend to your current architecture, this is an opportunity to learn the pros and cons.

A Story(book) About Testing - by Anisha Malde

Discover Storybook for UI development, testing, and documentation, learn to isolate components, and import stories into tools like Jest, Testing Library, Puppeteer, and Cypress for efficiency and maintenance.

Things to learn: Learn the full potential of what you can achieve with Storybook, and learn how to apply it to your current stack.

The last speaker is Jacob Suñol, the Title has not been announced yet.

Tips for Attendees

Arrive early to the event to secure a good seat, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the presentations and discussions. Use this time to network with fellow attendees, exchanging ideas and experiences to enhance your learning. From my past experiences, networking is the most important aspect. Don't be shy; talk to others and make new friends.

Before the event, create a plan outlining the sessions you want to attend, prioritizing those that align with your interests and goals. During the talks, take notes to help you recall key points and insights later.

Engage with speakers by asking thoughtful questions, as this can lead to deeper understanding and connections. Remember to stay hydrated and maintain your energy levels throughout the event, ensuring that you can fully benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise being shared.


That's it, day two is packed with awesome content as well! I hope this post helps you get up to speed on what's on the agenda. I'll see you at the React Native EU conference! Bye for now.